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If you’ve heard the catch phrase “true entrepreneurial spirit’, then you must have known they were talking about Nancy. From a young age Nancy had “IT”; that entrepreneurial drive. Over the years, she delved into many successful businesses including floral arrangements, wedding cakes, corporate gift baskets as well as a thriving craft business. No, she wasn’t crocheting toilet paper covers and selling them to her grandma’s friends but her grandma did teach her how to crochet. She sold them to her mom’s friends, but that’s just a technicality and the humble beginnings of Nancy being bit by the entrepreneurial bug.

The bottom line is:  Nancy Romanovitch has always used her innovation and imagination to create business ideas and products and run with them.  She’ll take a concept and sprint with it for your business too.

What's in a Name

Here’s the scoop on why we are named Infiniti Design.  Our definition of “creativity has no boundaries” kind of says it all…. but here’s the technical term:

Creativity :  Oxford Dictionary: cre¦ativ|ity

Pronunciation: /ˌkriːeɪˈtɪvɪti
NOUN:  The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness:

Creativity:  Nancy’s Brain Dictionary

VERB:  The minds eye.  The ability to use the right side of the brain.  Thinking in a non-linear form to produce magnificent results.  No thought is too outlandish, no information left unchecked.  Because, from the most outrageous ideas come the most spectacular results. The imagination has a mind of it’s own – and it reaches to infiniti.

Work with Infiniti Design

coffecupIFor your complimentary consultation to discuss your business, please contact us.

Meet Nancy Romanovitch and have a conversation about how Infiniti Design can help you reach your sales and marketing goals with simplicity and clarity. Oh, and we brew a darn good cup of coffee and steep a delicious Earl Grey!

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Why Choose Us?

When you work with Infiniti Design, you are working with the founder, Nancy Romanovitch, who established the company in Ottawa in 2003. Don’t hold it against her that she has extensive experience and knowledge in the graphic, financial and business worlds. She thrives on being expressive and brings insight and strong creative ideas with a unique perspective to your business bottom line. Your reputation is respected and your business is valued. Nancy is an innovator and trendsetter, who applies effective marketing and creative thinking skills to help your business thrive.

With simplicity and clarity, Nancy makes your business, product or services outstanding, unique and memorable in a visual way.

Whether your business is established or a start up, Infiniti Design will design your brand to speak for you when you are not there to speak for yourself. Your brand is your silent but powerful marketing tool. We make sure your brand is memorable.